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Upcoming Sessions

Sessions are scheduled for every other week at 6pm in Vancouver. The location is 401 West Georgia. Meetup registration links will be posted a few weeks before the events.

Bias in Adaptive Systems

June 12th - Speaker: Stella Lee - RSVP on

In this week's session we'll learn about adaptive learning systems with the amazing Dr. Stella Lee! We’ll demystify “Artificial Intelligence”, and learn about how cutting-edge machine learning techniques are being used to power e-learning platforms.

Tradition, Transmission, Transparency

July 9th - Speaker: David Lacho -

This talk will focus on the collaborative process of working with communities and relationship building. David Lacho will problematize common-held notions of tradition, transmission, and “preservation” while talking to the idea of being transparent and accountable in the dev process.


July 23rd

Details soon!